Company hosted a contest then took it down


My Complaint: Recently I entered a contest hosted by a small company called StacheTats (mustache temporary tattoos) for a 128 gig iPad retina.I worked really hard to get as many “likes” on my photo as I could (ended up with 630-ish).

I was a little worried when it didn’t look like anyone else was entering the contest but I thought maybe their pictures were just set as friends only. Then they stopped advertising the contest altogether. The contest was supposed to end July 31. It’s now August 12 and not only have they not announced a winner, they’ve ignored my Facebook messages, my tweets, my emails, and every effort I’ve made to contact them asking if/when they’re going to announce a winner. They even took down the page on their website advertising the contest.

I’m disgusted that this contest seems to have turned out to be a scam!


My Demand: Winner announced, prize rewarded