I was originally contacted through my school email by a user with the email "[email protected]" about a job offer, so I thought it was a real job opportunity from my school. The email talked about being Store Evaluators who will receive about $250 to $300 per assignment given. A form was required to be filled out if interested in the job, and soon after I was sent an email by John Ben ([email protected]) which explained that I would be receiving a check in the mail with instructions and details on what to do. At the end of the email it had said "Trust me this 100% legal a trial and you will be glad to be part of this organization." and to reply YES if we got the message. A few weeks later I received a priority mail flat rate envelope from someone named Angel Navarro. When checking the address of this person that sent the envelope, it traced back to a house. Upon opening the envelope, the content inside from the letter to the check seemed fake.