We purchased a home warranty plan, and at the time of purchase were verbally told that all major brands are covered. At the time of sale in Nov 2013, we were told that all major brands are covered and there is no deductible, which is what sets their company apart from others. We are now having an issue with the sensor on our oven, which is preventing certain functionality. We called them for service, but they are saying that our brand, Thermador, is a luxury item similar to SubZero. They are referring to exclusion 3 in their terms, but which explicitly refers only to no Subzero or similar brand refrigerators. They said coverage normally costs $200 more to cover luxury brands, which was never conveyed at the point of sale, nor are luxury brands excluded in their terms except for refrigerators. They then offered to “”do me a favor”” and include luxury brands as a courtesy, but would need to charge me a $100 service call charge, even though the terms clearly state $0 deductible. They have questionable sales tactics and business practices, and should not be allowed to misrepresent their product and service just to increase sales. They need to be more transparent. These people are as shady as it gets. Stay away .

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