Complaint: Families dealing with difficult custody battles are already under a great deal of stress. Mr. Robison does nothing to help the situation. In fact, everything he did from the time we hired him just increased our stress levels and frustration. The only thing he did correctly in our case was to collect the fees we owed him. He was rude over the phone. He frequently cursed us out and hung up on us. He also blamed us if things weren’t going the way he hoped they would. He never returned our phone calls or emails. We spoke to his paralegal far more often than we spoke to him, but were charged his rate for her services. He had to be briefed on our case EVERY time a new court date was approaching because he had forgotten everything we had spoken about before (even though we had provided him with typed summaries of everything pertaining to our case). Also, although we called several days before the hearing to speak to him about it, he would wait until the night before the hearing to return our calls and then tell us how hopeless our case looked before even reviewing what was going on. Bottom line….he will ask for a large retainer. Once it is paid in full you will never be treated with courtesy again. Also, he will not invest his time in your case. You will not feel as though your attorney is actually on your side at all. DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN! It just isn’t worth the added stress and aggravation.

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