I bought an item from STAPLES, paid with a VISA Gift card and asked about the return policy and they told me about 2 weeks, no hassle!! the item was $99.99.n They took my Gift Card and used it up, did not ask me if i wanted to refill it or keep it they kept it (it was empty any ways right?)n Today i went to return the item and guess what they are not able to give me cash back, because i used a Gift Card (is in the Policy).n They said that they could put it back on my card, that they kept and shredded according to the manager.n since i had no card and could not get cash they wanted to give me a STAPLES only Gift Card, i said NO you are just forcing me to come back at a later time and spend my money here, and he said rudely you have 2 options take a staples gift card or keep the product.n I told him my Gift card was the same as cash accepted anywhere visa is and that when i ask about the return policy they could off told me this or given me my card back just in case right? I also ask him to just put the credit into another visa Gift Card and he said NO I CANT DO THAT.n it it was a staples Gift Card i would of said ok, but it was not. n I will NEVER buy from STAPLES again this is a big scam to force people to go back and spend the money at their store!!!!! nPrepaid Cards: Prepaid Cards are nonrefundable and are valid only at the retailer/service provider listed on the card. Prepaid cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Specific terms and conditions are stated on the back of each card. nRefund Policy: If you paid with cash, debit card, or check, we’ll refund your purchase with cash (instore) or check (delivery). If your purchase exceeded $500 pretax, and you paid with cash, debit card, or check, your money will be refunded in the form of a corporate check. If you paid by credit card, we’ll credit your account.n A VISA Gift card is treated as a debit card when you buy, why not when you return? they policy states non- refundable only for retailer specific Prepaid Cards. nRicknel cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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