On or about March 01, 2017 I was basically solicited by a friend of Talarisha Morrison about a Zulu Ball ticket and hotel package . I was emailed a marketing advertisement about it. At the time it seemed legitimate to me . A few questions arose about if Ms. Morrison is authorized to market and sale Zulu ball tickets. So about a week and a half ago Ms Morrison friend alerted me that she had not even yet obtained anything that she had sold to me and was not authorized to do so .She was not and this was verified in phone and person by Zulu Club Finance Officier . I alerted Ms. Morrison of my findings , she never once provided any proof such as hotel confirmation or Zulu Ball table number to ease my mind . After a few emails back and forth Ms Morrison agreed to pay me refund of 1231.00$ by end of week . Then On Friday November 24, 2017 I sent email communication about my refund and Ms. Morrison said her attorney would be sending a cease and desist letter . I still have not received. Everytime I get something from my attorney it is one day Fed Ex. She didnt wait to receive my payment . Almost, a week later and no update about my money . Now I also find out that Ms. Morrison is not even registered to conduct business in the State of Texas. Guess she is a tax evader too . smh . Also filed complaint with Texas State Attorney General’s office . People work hard for their money to be played with and no evern provided with no type of service. NO service was rendered . I want my money come hell or high water. Trust my wrath wil be felt.

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