Complaint: We received this Rebate program when we signed up for Direct TV at the Allegan County, Fair in September 2009 through a company from Mason, Michigan. They promised two $20 Visa Gift Cards each month for 25 months for a total of $1000. So, $500 rebates from Walmart and $500 rebates from Speedway Gas Station. So, in July, 2010, I started with the program to send in each month receipts worth at least $100 from Walmart and from Speedway Gas Station. And then this company – Star Rebates – will send me credit of $20 for each submission per month, for a total of $40 per month. And this was to continue for 25 months total, for a total rebate amount of $500 for Walmart and $500 for speedway Gas Station.After the consecutive monthly submissions of the receipts, at the end of the 25 months, then the company will reimburse my registration fees of $12.95 times 2 for a total of $25.00. I have received credit for the months of July to October 2010, but have received nothing since then. However, I have continued to do my part and send in my receipts each and every month and on time, and I have kept copies of everything that I have sent in.I want Star Rebates to Pay-up what they owe me, which at this point they are 13 months behine for a total of $520 plus the reimbursement of the registration fee of $12.95 X 2 = $25.90.

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