Complaint: I was ripped off for $150 after I was told the technician from Star Tech Tel could activate my 5 cameras outside my home and when he arrived and spent 10 minutes here I was told by the technician that he couldn’t activate my cameras, he left and I called Gabby and asked her why did she tell me they could activate my cameras when knowing they couldn’t. She said my $150 wasn’t refundable because that was just for him to come out to my home. I find this practice a Rip Off. After calling back today a speaking with another gentleman I was told that Gabby didn’t know about cameras, so I guess I’m paying for Gabby’s mistakes this is UNACCEPTABLE!! Star Tech Tel Gabby Leon I called this company because I needed to have 5 cameras activated, when I explained this to Gabby Leon she told me that they could activate my cameras and it would cost $250, but she said before they could send a technician I would have to give them half so they changed my account $150. The technician came out and checked the cameras only to tell me he couldn’t help me and took my $150. I called them back and spoke to a very rude gentleman about a refund and then I was told it wasn’t refundable and I asked why didn’t miss Gabby explain to me when I spoke with her that I wouldn’t get a refund and why did she tell me the technician could do the job. The gentleman said she didn’t know so with her not knowing her job I had to lose $150. The staff needs to know their job instead of ripping people off purposely.

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: 206 N. Towne Ave Pomona, California USA


Phone: 888-203-6294×228