Ripped off by StarDietPM in Newark, DE. Ordered product and paid $84.95 on 5 May, was told it would arrive in about 15 days. I made my first followup call 8 Jun and got the runaround about a backorder, but it was shipping on 10 Jun. nWhen checking on shipping status 11 Jun it hadn’t shipped yet, but was shipping Parcel Post that day (11 Jun) and it would arrive in about ten days. On 30 Jun, still without the product, I again called and was told the package had been returned to them and it was reshipping that day. I called them in middle of July, still w/o product. It was to be reshipped, but, I asked for a refund. No refund has shown up on my account. nMy most recent attempt… no answer, just a message stating “You have dialed a number that is not available from your area.”” I have called regular directory assistance finding no business at the address listed on the website. So now they have my money

and product. I have nothing and I’m out $84.95. nJudithnHubert

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

40 East Main Street Newark, Delaware U.S.A.