Complaint: They had an add that uses a robot to trade it’s easy and they say it don’t take thousands to invest just 300.00 and you trade everything for 24 hours which is fine you make at least 5 to 7000 a day. So I opened an account and I had a broker tell me I needed to come up with 10000 in order to do this now wait a minute here, I was told 300 and there was no broker now I have them the information needed to start this I wanted my money back and I needed this today my son got hit by a drunk driver in order to have the life saving surgery I needed a copay of 300 so ok insurance company nothing you can do it will save his life now starling capital I plead with them to send my money back all I got was the back around my son did die I am pissed and this company is going to pay for this not right not fair and this company needs to go down and they will. Time to put them out of business and in cells.

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