Starmax Group / Starmax Resources is a compnay own bt Karl Zou / Lin Han, they sell house ware products, they had a Sales Rep selling their product here in the state of Florida, they sell you at one price, once you sign the order, they take for ever to ship, they say no tax, and they include add the tax into the sale, they say no shipping they also add the shiping cost to the invoice, they have the sales rep build the displays, setuop the product and tehn collect money, I just found out that Starmax Group / Starmax Reources, Karl zou, Lin Han were not paying the sales rep. they had him harrasing me to pay them but thry were not paying the sales rep, owing him commissions, overtime pay, expenses, and they were paying him when ever they felst like it. This company is evading taxes, they come from another state to use innocent people to scam business here and scam the people that they hire, the goverment neds to investiate Starmax Group, Starmax Resources and their owners.


  • Name: Starmax Resource
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleveland
  • Address: 12117 Bennington Ave.
  • Phone: 216-332-0200
  • Website: