= RIPOFF=SCAM=WORST customer service online. I did not read the reviews here and I am SOL. Ordered from starsunglasses, requested 3 day shipping, got suspicious when after 5 days no product, checked Yep, I got ripped off. Finally got the product 3 weeks later!!! Immediately requested return authorization number (wrong glasses!)…week 6 has rolled by and after several emails and no replies I had to post to here. If you order from, you might get a pair glasses in the next couple of months, if you are lucky they may even be the ones you ordered, don’t plan on returning them, don’t expect any feedback and know ahead of time your probably going to get hosed. In summary…buy your sunglasses a reputable site because trying to buy from to save $20 is worth not being scammed. I would buy from the flea market versus Internet United States of America