Complaint: Mr Andrew Shmidt who we have to assume is Xiakke LI since he has a German name with a heavy Chinese accent is trying to contact people to work for his company. Company id registered in the UK in a home, they promise high pay to become a US Representative. The company is a fraud and states that they represent startup companies looking for funding. The job entails analysing the project and and write a funding letter to the investors. However, all of the sudden an investor appears, lets call him Ramy Tadrous as that’s what he goes by, all of the sudden states that his bank cannot do money transfers to foreign countries (Very Red Flag) and thatt he need s your accountt to deposit ASAP and that you in turn trandfer the money to your company, (second RED flag)….this is not the norm and you should walk away but I wanted to see their game so he deposited $17,000 into the account and all hell broke lose as they all started clalling and sending messages within a minute of the transfer. (HUGE Red Flag)….anyway they wanted me to transfer the money minus my commission to the company ASAP and why wasn’t happeninhg the the startup and other people were depending on it….. I just ignored them and within hours the bank put a hold on the account and placed it under investigation….. final result was that it was a fraud that the sending bank never apporved it and the amount never existed. The deposit just dissapeared …… You must know that all deposits must have a cleariing period of at least 24 hours specially if they are deposits larger than $10,000. If for example ….. I would have forwarded that money as they intended I would have been resposible for the whole amount and been part of the fraud. Stay away. A complaint has been file in the UK as well….Be careful…..

Tags: Bank Fraud, Collection Agency, Credit Card Service, Internet Fraud, Withdrawing Money Without Authorization

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