State Auto hires ex-cops who were kicked off of the Police Force for falsifying and tampering with evidence and now they do this for State Auto. State Auto claims adjusters lie and manipulate anybody’s legal counsel who is attempting to file a Law Suit against them. S.I.U. investigators go as far as intimidate, harass, and comprimise anybody’s witness against them. State Auto Insurance Company is running an insurance company monopoly. State Auto Insurance Company claim’s adjusters receive huge bonuses if they can intimidate or scare off peoples Lawyers or Attorney’s by telling them they rub elbows with State Legislators in the State you file a Law Suit in. State Auto has been using people that don’t even exist in the real world to contribute campaign money to Legislators. State Auto has been violating peoples Privacy Act Law’s, State and Federal Civil and Constitutional Rights. State Auto could care less for peoples Civil and Constitutional Rights all for the price of a Federal Note. .

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