Complaint: Eleven years ago when I moved from Maryland to Michigan, I received a notice along with a license suspension stating that I had let my vehicle insurance lapse. I had my State Farm Agents prove otherwise and I had my license reinstated in Michigan after about three weeks of trying to deal with this. Now here we are eleven years later with the same accusation from the same department saying I owe $803.79 . Eleven years mind you. I can’t believe their incompetence or their corruptness. Isn’t there even a statute of limitations? This matter was resolved completely or I would have never been issued my Michigan license, now here the extortionists’ are again. How can we put an end to this? I would like to file the largest class action law suit in the history of the state. But I would also like to see criminal charges brought against those who are trying to defraud disabled service vets and the american people in general.

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