The first problem with Stateside Express store is that no prices are clearly displayed and or not diplayed at all (except on the trail mix type items) which is probably why they have been reported before. Secondly, I paid for 3 items by NV SNAP. Doroitos $1.09, Starburst $1.69 and LD Honey Bun $.50, upon realizing the Starburst were $1.69 I didn’t want them. Unfortunately, the purchase had been completed. Also once before I brought the same item for $1.29. Thirdly, she refused to refund the item back to my SNAP card or in cash and pursauded another customer to not to buy then although he was buyin the same item. Since not one candy item is marked with a price, the clerk charges whatever they want to run up your bill. I think this stores needs to be audited for inaccuracy in prices. Additionally, Maria is a rude racist nuisance who is insecure regarding her looks and her male sexuality. Maria is probably related to Dorothy G Browne who is a shim and a racist who hates Black females and has bred all 500 mutt offspring to be the same has him. Today transaction was the following information : 12/09/2013 11:56:19 am Register 1 Trans # 4152 Op ID :22 Your Cashier: MAria

905 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas , Select State/Province USA


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