I was called by a African man stating I owed money to the IRS, and would be taken to court for committing federal fraud and tax evasion. He continually threatened me saying, I was going to be arrested by the sherif in 45 min if I didn’t agree to pay them for " over due taxes" from 2008-2013. The man was yelling at me and threatening me the entire time and telling me not to ask anymore questions or i would be taken to court by the IRS and sued for committing federal fraud. By hey threaten all my assets would be taken away and I would lose everything. I was about to get the vouchers (which turned out to be (4 $500.00 iTunes cards) he said I needed to pay which amounted to almost 2k to make my taxes complete in order to stay out of jail. The man hung up on me because a clerk at the store told me it was a scam and he was mad that I was talking to other people. 10 min later, he same man called me back mimicking the Pierce County Sheriffs office phone number to tell me they we’re on the way to arrest me as I had a warrant out for my arrest. I hung up on him and called the police department myself, who told me it was also a scam. While I was on the phone to the police, the same fraudulent company called me 11x harassing me, so I blocked the number. If you call the 240 number, it is now busy. If you call the 1800 number it has a voice mail to the IRS. This company (who ever they are) are very aggressive and harassing.There were two men I talked to; one from Africa and one from India. They were horribly mean and threatening. I blocked all three numbers. At the end of the ordeal, I was shaking and crying after realizing what had happen, and that I just saved myself from "giving away" 2k of my hard earned money. I was emotionally distraught during the conversation and after.