this Hotel cancelled my reservation claiming that they were unable to pre-auth my credit card despite providing me a reservation confirmation after providing them with my credit card. Despite having my email address, they did not inform me that they cancelled my reservation until after I arrived at the Hotel. As such by the time I arrived at their Hotel there were no more rooms left in town. had to pay a lot more to stay at another hotel. the asst manager offered little compensation and was very patronizing. he tried to convince me to stay in a small room at the La Quinta claiming it was as good as Staybridge. I heard great reviews about stay bridge but my experience with this one was upsetting and humiliating. this hotel owes me both an apology and proper reimbursement for my costs send expenses. unfortunately their we can do wrong attitude probably will over power there obligation to do right by a very unhappy customer. I would not reccommend anyone book this hotel if they holiday in Las Vegas.

5735 dean Martin drive Las Vegas , Nevada USA