On May 28,2013 went online to purchase a hotel through stay here play here. at the time i was only asked to pay a deposit of $100.00 and the rest at a later date. But as something came up as a personal matter at home we were unable to make the reservation for that year. so i called them to let them know that we were unable to make it this year and that i need to cancelthe reservation. i was tol that they could refund me $21.00 and the other $79.00 the could not,but they said that they would keep my name and information on file and that whenever i decided to book again that it would go toward my balance. so as i am trying to go online to book for this year i see that the website is no longer there.i tried to call and the number is no longer A working number.so i went to the bank and got a statement from the past year and i see no refund from them. so basically they have gone out of business and owe me so money. .

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