Complaint: My husband just came home to tell me he got fired because he shared with a guest information about our family. My husband worked for Steak 44 and on Friday night a guest came into the restaurant and my husband was their waiter. The guest had brought up to my husband in general conversation that their son was having hearing issues and my husband said that he understood because our son was born deaf and had special surgeries and is able to hear now and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That was it!!! Nothing more was said about it and the guests left and were happy and all was well. Today my husband went into work and the manager took him aside and fired my husband for sharing this information about our family!!!! I understand this is a right to work state but this is absurd and they just took food off my families table! My husband was the hardest worker there and even got the very first yelp review for this company! I want to make this company known for their unethical ability to handle employees. They could have asked him about it or wrote him up but no neither just fired him!!!

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 44th and Camelback Phoenix, Arizona USA