Complaint: Well….where do I begin on how this business treats their guests OR employees well since I’ve been gone for awhile I’ll start with how they treat their employees.WARNING PEOPLES THE ECONOMY MAY SUCK BUT THIS IS ONE PLACE YOU DONT WANT TO WORK AT!!!The reason that they are ALWAYS hiring is because no one wants to stay because of the poor treatment there,lemme explain. The only way to become a manager or a trainer is to be best friends or be related to the general manager,who happens to ALWAYS play the favorite card.And she’ll deny it to death but CERTAIN trainers are able to get away with anything such as for example her cousin’s wife is a trainer,she’s also the gossip queen of that place,she happened to be partying all night and came in hung over and decided to leave in the middle of the shift. I’ve done the same and got SEVERELY punished…BY HER!!!But aint the trainers supposed to set an example???Another example the general managers british best friend who is NEVER on time for work,ALWAYS text messages on her phone while working,and tells customers to get their own coffee.And I saved the best for last a newer red headed trainer who ONLY got the position super quickly by being best friends with the trainer who is the cousin in law to the general manager and sent flowers whenever she could. This new trainer happens to be married to a former manager at steak n shake….but that dosent stop her from grinding against a production trainer in training(WHO IS ALSO MARRIED!!!),they run into the freezer together at 5 minutes at a time,put candy in each others mouths,they always massage each other,afew times they’ve gone on breaks together and actually left and came back 30 minutes AFTER their breaks were supposed to be over,I mean if they wanna cheat on their spouses cool but don’t parade it for everyone to see,because it REALLY disgusts everyone at work to look at it! Now as far as how they mistreat their customers hows about the cleanliness afew months ago they cleanned the freezer which had abunch of old blood dripings from the meat and mold all over the walls,no wonder I’VE gotten sick eating there afew times!And I know for a fact some people spit in the food and put visine in the food. So warning if you wanna eat at this unsanitary place where they harrass their good employees on a daily basis be my guest! Formerwaitress Belleville, IllinoisU.S.A.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 109 Regency Park O’Fallon, Illinois U.S.A.