In November 2016 I had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for 3 days. Stephanie Booker was a great help. When I hit out she insisted I stay with her. While at my home she grabbed my art portfolio. Two weeks later I moved to Michigan temporarily. I returned to Tennessee June 2017. In the late Summer of 2019 Stephanie pick me up and we went to her home. | Once inside she announced that she had my artwork. My heart dropped, I explained to her I didn’t know she had my art…and she had some pieces in cheap poster frames on her wall. She said I could take them if I wanted to. But I told her as long as my art was safe I didn’t mind her enjoying the pieces and I will get them when I want them back. Well, the time came…and I asked for them back. She refuses to return anything. | Paintings, art board, medium dog crate, tree trimmer, my prescription glasses, 9×13 white large baking dish, tools, Mosey Oak Scentsy warmer, Lion Scentsy buddy, my 32 year old son’s 3rd grade artwork. There’s probably more. | I want my paintings back. I am the owner. | I love this..she thinks I attacked her…i like the part…SHE CAN’T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.


  • Name: Stephanie A Booker
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Columbia
  • Address: 2677 Hampshire Pike
  • Phone: (931) 881-7604
  • Website: