I was stationed in Germany waiting to return to the United States. I had been married for two years to my husband who was from Romania and had met while stationed in Germany. I had to send him to the states ahead of me due to his visa requirements. He went to stay and get work with my brother at a casino in Louisiana. While we were apart I was recovering from surgery and had my daughter with me to help me get around. He departed 8 Feb 2014 and left 8 May 2014 due to military requirements. I attended my oldest graduation from college and we all met at there. However he was normal but exceedingly agitated. I asked him when were his days off since we were in two different towns because of where he and my brother worked. That’s when my brother began to tell me my husband was not coming home from work and disappearing once home. I questioned him and got excuses about work. He told me my brother was trying to boss him around and such. Being that he was a foreigner to the country I chalked it up to culture. Then came the stories about going to movies with”Aaron and Stephanie”. They are great and nice etc. || I was still visiting family while he worked at casino and Stephanie worked there as well. Then came the pics and tales of them being together all the time. I asked him and got she’s a friend and Aaron is her boyfriend. Now my husband does interior construction as his main but being new to country he took a job with housekeeping and Stephanie worked the same. He met her on his birthday. So I returned to my parents house since I was on leave. It’s an hour away from where my brother lives and works. My husband would not answer his phone but would text or say his phone was broken. Then came a life threatening medical emergency which caused me to have stay at my parents instead of continuing my travel to next duty station in Kansas. We were all supposed to leave together from Louisiana but Deep Vein Thrombosis derailed that along with the fact that had a piece of bone in leg cut out prior to flying. All this time my husband was MIA or with phone troubles. When I did catch up to him he was affectionate one min then pissed. He kept working while I waited for approval to remain in Louisiana since it was too dangerous to travel with DVTs in both legs from surgery, flight and lond driving travel. My brother and his roommate told me that they wanted him out because they were suspicious of his comings and goings. So they changed the locks. I waited for my husband to return so we could stay at my folks house he didn’t until next day. Excuses about Aaron and Stephanie being at their place. Told me different stories where they stayed but could not tell me address. Gave me the number to Stephanie and Aaron but they never answered. So I texted asking what’s the deal? She wrote back that they were friends and my husband was depressed. My husband would stay with me but then say he was not sure of his feelings since we had been apart asked me to drive him back to Lake Charles where he stayed with my brother. However I was told to drop him off at store parking lot or McDonald’s. After a day or two he would write he missed me and wanted back. I would have to get him after he realized he wanted back but it soon happen again and the next I put him hotel for”space” I paid for one night. But I woke up at 0530 after waiting all night for him to call like he said or return the text messages. He did so only at 0530 so I called the room got no answer. I got dressed and drove an hour to Lake Charles went up to room and found it empty beds untouched and his stuff sitting there. I called him and pretended to be home and asked if he was having breakfast in hotel he lied and said yes. I had been calling his phone but he didn’t answer so I called Stephanie since I knew the work schedule no answer but I called him again picked up. I told him he was a liar. He rushed back claimed he was at a guys house. I left him again with him crying saying he loved me but wasn’t sure if we would work out. This would happen a third time of me taking him home then him getting angry and wanted to return. All the while he was always on his cell”playing games” staying up late talking outside. My family would see and hear him but he would claim they were lying. || He got fired from his job but didn’t tell me. Always telling me I didn’t know how to behave if I got his takeout order wrong or didn’t agree with him. All the while I was under medical treatment for DVTs and bone healing. On the third time we argued and I took him back again to the city gave him $500 waited and watched to see where we would go. He disappeared as I drove ahead. He had 2 suitcases and backpack not possible unless nearby. 3 days pass and he texts and writes he loves me and misses me. I take him back he says Stephanie broke up with her guy and is marrying someone else. I like a idiot try to add her and her mother to Facebook then he gets upset that she isn’t speaking to him and asked what did I do. He told me to because he said they were good people. We go back to my parents house things are up and down with him. I start house hunting once I learn we are staying. He goes with me sometimes due to him working on small projects for my father and clients. This time line is from May 8 thru November 2014. We had been staying with my parents from June till September. I find a home we all can agree on in September we move in 1st of October. Things seem like they are getting better especially since the all the text messages since I had been in country were irrational and needy. His phone was always a problem when in Lake Charles but worked fine when in same house with me. When I picked him up the last time from Lake Charles with the suitcases it was in front of a Market basket store. He smelled rank and my mother was shocked. He had he drive to”Junior” apartment to drop keys off in mailbox. He went home and everything seemed to be getting better. We got into church and he professed his love in front of the church and became members. So on the third Sunday in October after church I started getting Facebook messages from Stephanie mother saying she had something to tell me. Now my husband would frequently tell me I was paranoid about her and I even dreamt of this and told him. I asked him why she was contacting me and he said ask her. This went on from 1230 to 3:00pm this woman then said she had made a mistake and respected the military. I was like WTF is going on. So he returns home from the church and asked me to go outside our home and sit on porch. Begins to say that Stephanie says she’s pregnant and he only slept with her one time. I am in shock and ask what? I stand up hold him by the collar and say” are you F-ing kidding me right now?” He looks at me in shock claims it may not be his. I tell to get the F-ing out and he leaves. He heads of course to her house. So I text the heifer and say why is it you lied when asked point blank if you were with him and claiming friends. She tells me it it’s their business and between them two. He later texts me that he’s sorry and her mother and her were trying to force him to be with her and would use the threat of telling me as leverage. || This 35 year old female claimed I was beater and that I should have divorced him when he said he wanted a separation. I told her it’s kind of hard to do when the person texts and writes they want to be with you and love you. She refused to believe it called me liar said I forced him to come back. My husband and I have no children together or assets. So I have nothing to hold him to me besides the love I have for him. This goes on all night between her texting me snide comments about what she knew or believed. I told her I don’t keep what isn’t wanted and he was always free to leave but he never wanted to divorce or would say he would go back to Europe. When I offered to pay for his return or divorce he would recant and ask for us to be normal. She didn’t like what I had to say and said it was all planned so to divorce me etc. I told her that’s crazy because he was busy asking me if we could just leave Louisiana and go to Kansas he hated it here. She continued to try and tell me it was all planned for me to divorce him. So I asked him and he began to tell me how remorseful he was for every thing and that he hated what he did. That Stephanie Sproat and her mother would tell him how to fleece me since I am military and would have to provide funds for him. So I told him the only way I would even consider anything would be under conditions of intense counseling and social media blocks unlocked cell phone with access and all screen shots of conversation with this nut job etc. Now he was also not to speak to Stephanie on the other hand she kept pushing. Asking Him if he was being forced into the marriage still, offering him money to run away with her, threatening suicide which she did whenever he would leave her, all this thru text. When that didn’t work she said she would send the sex videos made to me. Which she did along with love letter professing his love and pics and recordings. All to ask me if I was forgiving him and that she misjudged me. Once changing her tune to me one way she was still contacting him asking for him to be with her and her mother also wrote threats saying if he didn’t stay with her she would go after me. Contact my chain of command as if I was involved. This went on for a week. I told her to leave me alone and go her own way. She claims to want me to know the truth and that it wasn’t her fault she was not a harlot (my word). She went from nasty to nice to sneaky all in one while still contacting him. I saw the videos and pics and wanted to vomit in my mouth. I love my husband but I know that it takes two to tango however if she had of said the truth I would not have fought as hard as I did. I have seen the messages and letters found the different profile pic the Kik for Call me  [email protected]; [email protected]; Facebook which she had blocked me from when I thought they were friends. She claims she wanted to tell me but I asked why didn’t you he wasn’t staying with you and you could have but you didn’t. || So on 20 Oct we had a conference call where he told her he didn’t want her and was not marrying her and that he wanted nothing to do with her or child. I told her I can’t control what happens here but she made her bed so lie in it. She then told me that if I wanted to see baby or whatever I could and my husband interjected”yeah so you can try to get money from her”. I told her if she could not afford rent or food why have a child? She just wanted it and it was her many messages to him that he should be with her for it. I told her to destroy videos and go on with her life. So five days later at 0530 I get a message claiming miscarriage and that she didn’t want a reply. Then another of a voice recording of him from previous times saying be calm and he loves her. Tore me up but it was the past. I was relieved I won’t lie of the miscarriage only because it severed a link. I am not white and my husband and this fruit cake is. Fruit cake because of what she has done since she has gone on multiple websites claiming need for funds because her”boyfriend” caused her emergency room visits and she lost her job and he’s no longer in her life that’s on”give forward”website like three different versions all asking for money and the other is on the website”fundly” saying her fiance abandoned her while pregnant and now she miscarried and needs help. The seeking sympathy and money for your whoredom pisses me off. Because you can’t marry a married man and you can’t force something that ain’t there. || Yes my husband’s mistakes are out there and you better believe I know I ain’t paranoid not in the least. If you’re feeling it go with it. Since this came out I found out about the sites, porn and different person he was while I was struggling to walk and make a life of things. He isn’t perfect nor am I and he knows he has destroyed a part of me that may never come back but he is working to make sure he doesn’t fall again. As for her I hope her and her mother step in an ant pile and they eat the inside of their vaginas out and come out their mouths. As a mother and woman how could you assist in the attempted destruction of someone else’s marriage and drag the wife down? I was not the monster they wanted to believe to suit their own needs. I believe in Karma and I fight the urge to bump into her and rub shit pie in her face. She had won a small battle but I won the war. It isn’t easy being with a man who cheated but so long as he shows that he is sincere and my spider senses don’t go off I can only take it one day at a time. Sorry for the length, please do the judge it’s hard enough with me judging myself and fending off all the ” what would I do folks”. || || >