Complaint: I was contacted by Stephen Vicinanza from JK Irons to edit two technical manuscripts. He offered me $1 per page and promised payment in 30 days from completion. 30 days came and went. Then it was 60 days. There was always a story about “waiting to be paid”” and “”check will be sent next week.”” All lies. First project was $216. I stupidly took another assignment for $164 and got the runaround again. More promises of payment. Stories about waiting for payments to come in. All lies. I called him out on being a liar and scam artist

Tags: Writing Service

Address: and he gave me some story about how he’d never scam or lie to anyone. Sent various emails requesting payments. Told him I was reporting him to employment sites and that I’d be filing a small claims against him


Phone: which I intend to do. I may never see this money but writers and editors beware. It is scam.”