Mr. Steven G.Mehta’s lack of knowledge and ignorance in Real Estate has caused me to become a victim. Mr. Steven G. Mehta had absolutely no knowledge of real estate and no prior experience in arbitration, yet Mr. Steven G. Mehta had agreed to arbitrate a multi million dollar dispute. In a real estate transaction, any proceeds, if and when any, should be distributed accordingly between all sellers. Mr. Steven G.Mehta did not even know that. While I was being framed, it was brought to Mr. Steven G. Mehta’s attention that the witnesses are testifying under conflict and that one of them was in the pocket of my opponent. This fact was clearly obvious, had Mr. Steven G.Mehta knew anything about real estate, he could see that for himself. He could not even tell the difference between honesty and false tetimony. Mr. Steven G. Mehta did not act neutral and abused his power. | He issued an award against me based on his own ill assumption and without paying any attention to the facts that were put infront of him. | To make the matter worse, there awsa Rabbi involved, called Rabbi Herzel Illulian. This Rabbi was promised a large donation by my opponent to deliver a tailor made and fabricated false testimony. The Rabbi’s role was to discredit me in the eye of Mr. Mehta. Due to lack of either immaturity and/or lack of prior experince and ignorance, Mr. Mehta fell for it. He could not see that the witnesses were all in accomplice with my opponent. Given the facts that were disclosed to Mr. Mehta, probabely even a 12 years old child could see that the witnesses, introduced by my opponent were all in his own pocket. | Prior to binding arbitration, it was established that burden of proof is on my opponent. Mr. Mehta decided to side with my opponent, by basing his decision on assumptions and false testimony. There aws every clear indication that the witnesses were acting in coordination with my opponent. Ample evidence was produced in order to put the truth infront of Mr. Mehta to judge, but Mr. Mehta was blind to see the truth and had already decided and made up his mind to take my crook oponnent. | One of the witnesses produced by my opponent was outpocketed by $4,500.00 also by my opponent. This caused her to testfy under conflict of interest. She was instructed, manipulated and conspired ti lie and give false testimony. Mr Steven G. Mehta Paid absolutely no attention to all these facts.


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