Complaint: White Rose Foods CEO Steven Bokser and business partner Mauricio Fernandez, a once prominent Retail Grocer-Developer stiff local real estate firm for hard earned commissions in one of the worst real estate markets. Hiding behind numerous llc’s known as Arcon Corporation, The Crown Companies and Crown Street Capital these 6 figure executives managed to make it to the top of New Haven Connecticuts slumlord list while neglecting to pay numerous contractors and their real estate broker of two years, Prime Realty and Capital, a Connecticut Corporation. Owner and agents of Prime Realty are devastated. “We worked hard for two years to lease up and sell two properties that were practically defunct and have not been paid. We did what we were supposed to do and we did it in one of the worst real estate markets. Steve Bokser and Mauricio have broken promises to us and have broken written contracts with us. Once the tenants were placed and another property was sold they decided not to pay us and didn’t even have the decency to return our phone calls.”” According to Prime Realty and Capital

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Address: multiple offers were submitted for much higher prices than the final sale price. “”Steve Bokser and Mauricio Fernandez failed to make good business decisions and we pay the price.”” White Rose Foods has a code of ethics policy on their home page


Phone: but obviously their CEO does not follow this company code. The City of New Haven Connecticut is currently conducting a thorough inspection of the properties owned by these con men and the realtors are filing suit and conducting a thorough investigation to determine if Federal Documents were fraudulently executed at the recent closing where they were shorted their hard earned commission.”