I went on oodle.com to buy a vizsla puppy.I texted the guy named Steven who was supposedly the seller.he said to email him.He said he was in Pittsburgh but due to his wife dying he moved to Oklahoma. He sent pictures of the puppies and tons of info on them telling me how much he loved them .He sent all sorts of documents which I later found out we’re copy and pasted..At first he asked for 400 to be wired through western union. I said I wasn’t comfortable with sending the whole amount that I would sent half now and half when I had the dog. He agreed.in the middle of the night something was sent by a false traveling agency for dogs saying I needed to send 1300 dollars or the dog would be quarantined. By this point I realized it was a scam.This person is still on oodle advertising the same dog with a different number and email the dog is advertised as Yjdf*hd Vizsla puppies.He is a scammer!!