I have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire i started withthe purchase of a car from one used dealer what happened to meat that one they stood on either side of me pushed contract (S) yes two they had me sign two i had not one clue what ended up happening, the finance company called me and asked me if the car hadany problems and was it safe it was not. i had four different tires four differ treads, engine head blew and they said they changed the oil lie, took video then they do the un thinkable they sale the car to my family member noone tells me they keep itin my name. refi it get another contract and his was all in my name. i ony foundout becauseso gun h*o worker callled asking me for money i said for what she told me the car i told where is the cari dont have it she hung up. i managed to get a copy o the contract and what they did is sold the contract to another family member. to date i have no ideal what really happenthis iswhy i ended up having to get another car and this ill summerize | charged for equipment i dont have | informed finance company sent proof they have dodne nothing biut tell me i owe i owe i owe and its all beem for the same mo | they have been in my acct | they have laughed in my face and told me they overcharged me | took my original bmw tires rim flates and gave me cheap tires | the rubber came offf the passenger side while i was driving and it didnt go flat have pics | have tried for over a year to try to get my money bac | all they have one i lied they hve a criminal history with convictions. for this very same thing and i need a attorney. now ive got all my paperwork enough to prove what im sying. there response in email they never sy they didnt do it they just say come down we will talk. i sent demand for paymet then to bond compsny thn finsl demand and they think im bluffing. ive went as far as i can i now need a lawyer and i want an invesigation on all parties involved. | crb finance they have went over the limit with demand for payment so much so i sent a letter to stop at 10,000. each time they call and tell me i better give the name so they can call and get the money and when i tried to talk they would put me on hold eith music. then he jodeph ould come back on snd thresthin my sister credi.t its in the pitts she is sick behind it i lost my hair its falling out, i dont sleep and i stand to loose everthung. the car had six recalls two owners .they said none of that they took my money order 500.00 mark the gm and told me i had a car payment i didn.t somuch has happenthey tool almost 3,000 out my acct i dont know why and they wont answer me ? there wrong on so many levels. im going thru this now and i need help i cant think to follow thru so much pressure.can anyone help me please i have my proof gmail.com


  • Name: STG Auto Group of Ontario
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Ontario
  • Address: 1153 W Holt Blvd
  • Phone: 855-631-3516
  • Website: www.stgautogroup.com/