I’ve been using Sticker Market for a while. I was pleasantly surpised on the first order to find out that they are based in Korea. They are one of the few companies online that will do custom sizes. Prices were reasonable at first. | The first order ended up sending someone else’s order to me, I paid out of my own pocket to redirect this, despite Sticker Market promising to reimburse me, they never did. I could have easily just binned it. They promised a discount on the next order, this never happened and I just got a standard response when asking. | My orders finally came, 3-4 weeks after the packaging supplies arrived. I was horrified to find that none of the stickers on craft paper, which is a standard, will stick to anything. That is right. They are not sticking to any packaging supplies. See the pictures below. | I run an ecommerce business, the labels were just falling off bottles and other packaging materials. | I emailed the company, and just kept getting brushed off. They’re excuse was that it was an error with the printer, I asked them to fix the issue as the labels were un-usuable, all 10,000 of them for multiple products. They told me I would get a discount on my next order. I mean, these labels are completely useless. I’m not going to pay for a discount on another order for a quality issue which should be rectified by the company, furthermore, I’ve been let on with this magical ‘discount’ previously when I did them a favour and redirected an order. | I won’t be using Sticker Market again, I urge people to use caution on big orders. The sticker quality is hit and miss and they will not give refunds. | You may have denied that you are not based in Korea, but please own up to the fact that you are not in the UK. Why else would you call me in the middle of the night at wee hours? Why did you respond to me 10 hours late, only at 2am in the morning? Why are you not answering my repeated calls even though it is 2pm now, the best time to make a business call? The reason is because you are in a different timezone, isn’t that right? | Anyway, whatever. I don’t even care about where you are from, I just want good stickers which you didn’t give me, and I prefer to patronise an honest business which you are not. Furthermore, I am not amused by your idea of rectifying a mistake. I do not at all enjoy being forced to purchase more stickers at a ‘discounted’ rate to make up for the unusable ones that are going into the bin, as a result of your poor product quality.


  • Name: StickerMarket
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: London
  • Address: 483 Green Lanes
  • Phone: 020 8144 5554
  • Website: www.stickermarket.co.uk