The claim to have had me served and taken to court in 2008. Don’t know who they served but it wasn’t me. So, they got a court order that I owed a crap load of money for a credit card that I don’t have and have never had one over $300 until recently. So now in 2017 they manage to snatch my taxes for over $1000. | This is something I don’t owe and was never served and able to go to court to defend myself. They won’t show me ANY proof of what I supposedly owe but yet are getting my money as the only recourse I have is to hire a lawyer (which I can’t afford) and fight something that is supposedly 9 years old and not mine. So, of course, they have me over a barrel as I can’t afford a lawyer and it would probably cost me more than they are ripping off from me. It is just not right that they can get away with this!!!


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