StitchabilitybyAngela has been in business for a while and I am now reporting my mishap with her on behalf of my readers and also other angry clients. She doesn’t always fulfill her words, she doesn’t return your money, or emails. I say ‘always’ because apparently she’s doing business again and is in full swing. I don’t know for sure if she’s still scamming new clients but i’d like them to at least be aware that she owed many in the past and uses her family situation/issues as exuse and comes across as religious to sound honest. To me honesty and trust is earned by fulfilling your promises. I don’t like to talk down on people, i’m very forgiving and I let it go but to see her still in full function scares me. Many of her clients were on my mailing list circle because she happened to mass email all her clients because of current issues and I was on that circle and there were many unsatisfied and angry clients. Now I see her on a lot of reports so beware. She’s crafty with her work but she’s also crafty….crafty when it comes to money. Just be careful and maybe just look elsewhere for business.

W Hazel St, Corning, Arkansas Corning, Arkansas USA

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