In may 2013 i bought a pool cover from stoneberry recieved it sent it right back was not as advertised! Was tols i had $500.00 credit but denined it but the 11.00 pool 8 months later they are still charging me for the items ive returned to them in june stacy with stoneberry told me they reccievec pool cover back and would credit me. Now my credit is affected and i have no cover! Contacted them again today after i recieved another bill with more fees supervisor was so very rude almost hd me in tears stated i dont know what to tell you your responsible weither or not u have item! then she states i dont know what to tell you its not my problem. This compnay is horrible treated me like i was nothing and still charging me for the item the got back!

pobox2820 moroe wi Monroe, Wisconsin USA


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