Long Island New York this company with their scam on wheels conducted a seminar and workshop convincing people to give up credit card and personnal information that was diliberatly used against them. nI am trying to dispute the charge placed on my AMEX cardI nattends a seminar and workshop Oct 10,2002. Once I got home I realized that the package I was tricked into buying was not what it was presented to be. nThe company is involved in predatory and deceptive sales techniquies that smacks of fraud and intentional misrepresentation. I spent countless hours hours trying to build a website, lost time and money was harrassed by other companies they either sold or gave my name to. People have been calling my home telling me that I need to invest up to $10,000 to get this package to work. nThey are harrassing and insulting both my husband and me. I have tried to get them to refund my money to no avail.They said the product not refundable. This company is headed by a John Poelman and Branden Lewis. They are a bate and swtich operation targeting vulnable people promising success with a product that DOES NOT EXIST. nThe programs are not user friendly and I have come to learn there are people they have scammed all over the country. The state of Utah has many complaints mine included however I am told that something must be done in my venue, since that is were the crime was committed. nI have contacted the A.G. office in Utah and the FBI. I am hoping to be included in a class action law suit if there one is ever brought against them.nThis company Stores On Line should be investigated and prosecuted by authorities that can put them out of business and have them refund the money they stole from victims.nThis is truely a nightmare. nLynnncenterport, New YorkU.S.A.

754 E Technology Ave. Orem, Utah U.S.A.


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