DO NOT sign any contracts with Straight North! You will pay them thousands and thousand of dollars and they will do very little work for you. If you’re a smaller company like we are, you will be assigned to a team that seem to have been hired off the street and have no real clue what they are doing. | Our Google rankings actually went down while we worked with them!! And their copy was so bad, we had to go back and fix many of the edits they made to our site. | When you confront them about the poor work they are doing, they just give you some mumbo jumbo about a meaningless point system that never seems to entitle you to much real work. | This company is just out to make a quick buck. If you want real SEO, go elsewhere.


  • Name: Straight North, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Chicago
  • Address: 211 W Wacker Dr #1800
  • Phone: 855-883-0011
  • Website: