Bill Stern, just like one one of the complainants reported contacted me via a posting submitted on NY Investement Network seeking capital access to fund my start up company. Bill Stern took $25,000 in fees to produce an investment offering memorndum and help my company raise $6,000,000 in 30 days claiming that he spoke with many brokerage and hedge fund managers interested in placing investments in my company. I was strong along and misled for nearly 90 days until I confronted Bill Stern for for making false promises and equesed the return of the $25,000. Obviously he refused and invited me to sue him ot recup the funds. I then filed complaints witht the SEC and NY State Attorney General, Investor Protection Bureau agianst Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners. I obtained responses of acknowlegmento my complaint from these government authorities however , NY State Attorney General Office, Investor Protection Bureau that investigates these types of fraud activity and financial crimes responded to tell me that they are closing the case since I wss th only person who filed and cannot go after Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners based upon one complaint. It is urgent and important that anyone who has been a victim of Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners to file individual complaints in order to re-open to pursue a criminal investigation agaisnt Strategic Strategy Partners ans Bill Stern for the acts reportedly committed. If anyone wants to contact me privately via Ripoff, I will provide the name and contact of the Investigative Attorney at the NY State Attorney General Office who reviewed my complaint to file similar complaints so the NY State AG Office can make a decision to open an investigation into these complaints agianst one individual dna company involving large sums of money. As an entrepreneur, I had no money and Bill Stern maliciously took $25,000 from me. I am still struggling to get my busienss funded. Additionally, Strategic Strategy Partners is not a registered LLC with the NY State Department of State, Division of Corporations. According to their records, this company did not exist prior to January 2016 in the State of NY as a legitimate LLC registered wit the NY State Deparmtent of State ( forerign or domestic). If anyone who ever handed money to Bill Stern via wire transfer or checks should note that these funds are never wired nor checks written to Strategic Strategy Parters but to Bill Stern personal account at Chase Bank.likely becuase the business does not exisit, may not have a tx ID and therfore cannot open a bank account.


  • Name: Strategic Strategy Partners LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 585 Madison Ave
  • Phone: 917-283-7445
  • Website: