Complaint: Problems in order of occurance: 1. The service manager Carlos tried to charge me the full rate for labor to install my shocks and struts when there was a low discount rate that I was eligible for in the flyer on his service counter. I figure this one might be a mistake so I brought it to his attention and he corrected it. 2. After servicing my vehicle, later that night I noticed my 3-month old Bell 980 radar detector was missing from the glove compartment. I went back to Strauss and spoke to Carlos and told him I would not involve the police, I just wanted my radar detector back. He said he would speak to the mechanic who performed the service and resolve the issue. The mechanic denied taking it so Carlos said he would file a report with their insurance company which would take care of the claim. 3. About 2 months have passed and after several conversations with Carlos it seems nothing will be done, he does not seem to know what he is doing and I do not have the time to pursue it further. I don’t know if a report has been filed, or if there is an insurance company to handle this claim so I can only blame myself for not removing everything from my car. I will never visit a Strauss Discount Auto ever again. As a word of advice, take your valuables and anything else you would not want stolen when you leave your car for servicing at Strauss and everywhere else for that matter. Chris Hillside, New JerseyU.S.A.

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