Complaint: Student ID: 1126883737 Need Corporate Assistance ASAP!! JUST BEEN DROPPED!! NOW I WILL OWE $6761. I am a returning Strayer Bachelors Degree Undergrad of 2014, that returned for my Grad, (my MBA) 11/30/15 enrollment. I am also U.S. Army Combat Veteran who is eligible for Veterans Affairs educational benefits. For my Bachelor’s my tuition was 100% paid for with no loans or out of pocket expenses thru the Vocational Rehabilitation program with the VA. Well, upon my current enrollment for my Masters I am now on the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill which covers only 60%, and the rest I have been eligible to also receive financial aid and have been receiving that until placed on hold then cut off from using that as well, due to a SAP Appeal I have out for my 1st quarter 2 courses not being satisfactory for the Masters requirements. I did well in both classes throughout the duration of them. And both teachers (1 online, 1 onIine), brought my CPA down from the 3.0’s to basically mid 2.0’s and I appeal it and have the emails to back me up. I had been in contact with the Glen Allen, Va Strayer Campus, Inga Ivory my Coach and Jaclyn Smith in Finance. They entered my 1st SAP Appeal. I am disputing my grade and my uncounted final exams for my business class with Jurista Ford and my online LEG500 class with Aryka Moore. Both did not grade on time and not count my work as credit officially. Now I hear that Inga Ivory, my coach has been promoted and no longer is my coach, no replacement, no updates unless I worry the staff weekly. The attitudes there are horrible, telling me what I have to say is irrelevant and that I just need to do as told. I have given all documents asked for and have been exposing my personal health record because Stayer seems to think I have health issues. I was out of class a couple times (told my instructors) because I wasn’t feeling well. NOW, they are asking me for all my medications and now a letter from my doctor saying that I have no further issues?? HIPPAA VIOLATION? NO RELEASE OF MEDICaL INFO ForM SIGNED AND SUBMITTEd BY STRAYER!! That letter is due by 11/17 at 7pm (i for it in and declined anyways) or they will automatically turn down my SAP Appeal, and I didn’t even know I needed to give more info until last week when I called to check on the status. Without this SAP approval, I get no financial aid, and right now I owe $1950 out of pocket, that I do not have, so guess what I will not be able to continue my degree if I cant pay that due by tomorrow as well 11/17. I thought retention was good for any College/university? Why isn’t Strayer doing all they can to keep this veteran in school and also have a better graduation ratio as well? I was told I couldn’t speak to SAP Appeal directly, so I’m stuck sending messages thru Jaclyn Smith who always deem to not even want to deal with me. Strayer didnt even turn in my beginning 11/30//2015 certification to enrollment to the Department of Veterans Affairs, so that Strayer can pay for my education, Strayer didnt turn in anything til the 03/04/2016 enrollment. so that’s 2-3 months without my veterans affairs benefits paid, only student loans paid for that time period. I asked them to submit that to the VA now and Jaclyn told me that she will see if she can get them to do it?? Why does she need to see? You all CAN do that and you are missing out on money if you dont. Sad, in the beginning you all entered me for the wrong VA education program anyways.

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