OK, I bought one too. I’m constantly having to play with the settings trying to get a movie to play without interruption. Here’s the technical answer to most of you that are having similar problems. | 1. Make sure you have a good internet speed (over 10MPS). If you subscribe to TWC, complain and they will replace the router with a faster one. Run the speed test yourself by pushing the yellow button on the remote then scrolling down to the maintenance section and push the right arrow and down arrow until you get to the speed test. Push the center button and let it run. Ignore the ping speed, it means nothing. the download speed is all that counts. If it is slower than 10, you need to pound on your internet provider because even basic service should be over 20MPS (megabits per second). | 2. Also make sure you are using the faster channel on your WiFi (mine has 2). Use the 5MHZ channel for the box connection. A direct wired connection will always be faster. | 3. Make sure you run the CloudWord (use sntv) and let it download and install everything and reboot. | 4. Overall, the reason most people are having trouble is that they are not tech-savvy. This box requires skills to use. | 5. If you are getting excessive stopping during movie playback, it is because the stream in not keeping up with your playback speed. there are two options; increase your internet speed or start the move, pause it, then go do something else for a half hour or so. This allows the box to collect the movie into memory.


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