My troubles with this company started as soon as I signed up. Sure, to begin with the problems were minor. They said you get paid a month after earning the income, which was extended a month. But I was told that it was my fault for not understanding their extremely misleading wording, and I foolishly persisted in uploading more books to their service. Then, I would notice that sales data was extremely off. I could see books rising in ranking on their respective websites, even shooting up the rankings, yet 0 sales were registering when I logged into streetlib to check what sales I got. The only data I had direct access to was Google Play, and I could see that the sales I made and what I was paid for were frequently incorrect. God knows how bad I was ripped off on other outlets sales. Then, recently, I was to be paid around $1000, only to find out that they had taken the bulk of the money and only paid $81. They said that’s because they take a 10% cut of what I made via Google Play – but I checked GP and found out that not only should they have been taking that every month and not in lump sums every 5 months, but they were taking around 25%. So I confronted them, and found out that disgustingly enough they were taking not only 10% of my revenue (GP only pays out around 48% to authors) they were charging me 10% on every dollar of Google revenue as well. Meaning, even though I was only getting 48% of the money earned on Google Play, they were charging me as if I was making 100% of the money from Google Play. | I could go on and on and on, but essentially this company will mislead you to hell and back and fleece you for every extra dollar they can. Ironically, because I stopped uploading books (and I have a catalog of thousands) they’ve lost around 10x what they’re making now from me, because if they were just honest I would of continued to upload books to their service and they would be making way more off the vastly increased sales instead of trying to nickle and dime me any way they can!


  • Name: StreetLib USA, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Queens
  • Address: 65 30 Kissena Blvd CEP Hall 2
  • Phone: (929) 352-4630
  • Website: