I looked at their advertisement on the internet for a HDTV antenna for local off air access. I submitted to paypal to add to cart. I expected to review the order or have a confirmation of payment before I would approve the purchase. I got none of that. Somehow, the purchase went through (twice) I received no notification of purchase, no tracking info; no communication at all about the items from the vendor or PayPal. I forgot about it as I had no idea that a purchase had gone though. One month later I received a shipment for both transactions totalling over $200. The company has no contact info on the bill of lading or on the transaction record in PayPal. I opened a dispute in PayPal and 2 days later the dispute is listed as resolved and closed. PayPal has communicated nothing about why it is closed. I have emailed them for followup and clarification. Not sure how that will end up. Meanwhile I sit here with 8 of these gizmos that I for which I have no use. I will continue to approach PayPal to effect the successful reolution of this situation.

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