Complaint: for my Psychiatrist, Dr. Ope Akinnusi: got there at 2:40 for a 2:40 appointment. for years my copay according to them was $50…yesterday it was $67, due to extra $3 or $4 charges added onto the past few visits they never told me about until yesterday. they had no reason why i had accumulated such charges. my copay did go up after January 1st to $50, but htat was it and i’ve seen my Dr since Jan 1st. my insurance card clearly says $50 for specialty visits. now they wanted $67? i wanted to a detailed statement of charges and dates with explanations. i was refused this and was told i had to pay the $67 or i could not see my Dr for my much needed refills. i raised my voice and wanted logical answers. they got the office manager Stephanie Hill who was clearly ready for a fight. never looked me in the face, never gave me any courtesy, she said my insurance card meant nothing and that insurance changes things all the time. i said fine, and tossed my credit card at her because i needed refills and to see the doctor…and Stephanie Hill slams it back at me and slams the glass door and tells me i’m “dismissed”” and quickly tells 2 (not 1) but 2 people to call 911. i calmly stood there wondering what to do. i was baffled at what just happened. i was not beligernet

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