Complaint: These people contacted me regarding my student loans because I went to Ashford University. Ashford was getting sued for deceptive enrollment practices and being forced to payback or forgive student loans during this period. I was one of the people who had been recruited by them with promises of job placement post graduation. So student financial help center told me the process would cost $799 and take a year to complete and fall off of my credit report. If for some reason I didn’t qualify I would get my money back. I have copies of the contract still that states this so I can provide proof if some attorney ever makes a class action suit out of this. Anyhow it’s been 7 months since I signed up and looking forward to that no longer being on my credit report. I called student financial help center to inquire on any updates and they are out of business. The voicemail says that all paperwork has been submitted. So i then called nelnet the loan servicer that SFHC hooked me up with to see if they had any updates on it. They told me that my account didn’t have any notes attached to it stating that I was going to have my loans forgiven or paid for by Ashford as a result of the lawsuit. So now I’m left here wondering how am I going to get my $799 back? I’m pretty certain I’ve been scammed and I hope this report helps others avoid this.

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