Asking for payment before rendering services in full


My Complaint: I responded to an add on facebook, it mentioned student loan forgiveness and implied that it was government funded, I received an automated call as soon as I clicked send to request information. Upon receiving the call I was prompted to call a different number back where a woman named Jessica Andrews answered the phone and led me to believe she was legit, she had access to far more of my personal information than I thought possible and she said that all I had to do was make three monthly payments of 320 something dollars and then I do to my household income I would have a 0 dollar monthly payment for 120 months (since I work at a non-profit agency) and my loans would be forgiven. She emailed me some contracts via DocuSign, and without giving it much thought I signed and submitted, then she transferred me to Ricky Voltaire who “verified” all of my information and sent me another email from [email protected] with an additional set of paperwork that I was instructed to complete and send back within 5 business days, once they received the paperwork they would need a week to process it and then it could take up to 90 days before my loans were set up to reflect the 0 dollar a month balance. I was told that upon completing the third payment my credit report would show that the loans were “paid in full” and I would receive additional paperwork every 12 months to confirm my work status and renew this contract… Upon talking to my mother about this great opportunity it hit me that something didn’t feel right but I didn’t know what until we began to do some research and I realized that MOST of the details they quoted me had come from Obamas student loan forgiveness plan however they had tweaked it just enough to get as much money and personal information from you as quickly as possible. These are the various contact options I received, this address doesn’t even belong to Benchmark Processing
820 N Apollo Blvd Melbourne, Fl 32934
877-858-4200 x 117
Fax 321-765-6291
[email protected]
[email protected]

This company is neither located at that address, nor does it deal with student loan consolidation from the research I have made.

They are a well oiled machine and I was fooled into giving them my SS# and banking information before I realized it was to good to be true.


My Demand: They are SCAMMERS, STAY AWAY