I asked for a deleivery of 160 gallons to be deliverd feb 20th 2014 i was told they would come the next day . the man never came so i called and was told how sorry they were he did not show and that a man would for sure come that afternoon . the driver showed up and was very agravated and visably stressed out complaining about his hrs and how over worked he was . i said were u supposed to comne yesterday he says “”yes but i was so over booked i just put it off”” i was applauled !! i verified the amount i was supposed to recieve before he started pumping he said ok . i handed hin the check for the amount i orderd he said i don’t handle the checks i just fill the tanks !! i said well just hand it in he said ok .. i noticed some time had gone by and i went outside and asked is everything ok ? he said the computer that works the pump had shut down and that had been the 3rd time that happend today . so he would have to restart the computer again and give me the rest of the propane and i would get 2 seperate receipts i said ok . he comes to the door almost 45 mins later said he was having trouble again but he was able to fill me up he hands me the receipt and it says he filled me completly up 195 gallons .. i said i did not order that much i orderd 160 . he said oh well not my problem !!! so i hear nothing for over a month yesterday i get a bill for $59.00 i called and said why am i getting a bill for this ? she preceeds to tell me well we know it was a mistake on the drivers part and that he over filled you and were sorry for that but u have to pay the difference !! i said i absolutley refuse to pay for your employes mistake take it out of his pay check he made the mistake !! she said u have to pay it or will come take your tanks !!!!!! i was so outraged i said i would pay it but i don’t think i should have to they need to fire people that don’t do there jobs right if i did something like that at my job i would get fired in a new york min !!! what kind of company makes there valued customer who has never been late on a payment or owed them a dime pay for the mistake of a stressed out over worked and oviously under paid employee ??? i wish i could drive up there and hand them $59.00 in pennies unwrapped and make them count it out penny by penny !! .

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