Complaint: I purchased Subway sandwiches with Subway reward bonus. Without notice or warning anywhere in the store they changed the program to one free sandwich with 75 points to $2 off. They stole about 6 dollars from me. If they stole six dollars from me, they must have stolen six dollars from tens of thousands of others as well. The new program is a useless scam. True the place is a ripoff anyway, but you know you are getting garbage going in. This was an added injury to the normal insult of this so called food. I am sure some folks lost more than six dollars as well if the were saving their points for a small (but sad) gathering.I am really annoyed that my loyallty to this creepy company was rewarded with a kick in the gut and a squeeze of the wallet.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants, Ripoff- Internet, Scammed for Gift Cards

Address: 113 mineola blvd Mineola, New York United States


Phone: (203) 877-4281