Complaint: I ordered a seafood/crab sandwich for lunch from Subway in Burlingame, California and it sent me to the emergency room twice in one day. The sandwich got me so sick that I was vomiting excessively which later turned into bloody diarrhea. I called Subway up to warn them about the bad seafood. The lady working there proceeded to say after I told her that their food made me ill. She said, “Sweety you don’t have food poisoning

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Address: sounds like the stomach flu to me.”” She proceeded to say that they made the seafood/crab two times a day and that it sells really fast. She said I was wrong about what sickness I had. The emergency room doctor told me that I got bacterial gastroenteritis caused by food poisoning. Not only did the female subway employee play doctor but she was down right rude and lied about selling a seafood sandwich earlier that day. I had called at 9am and who eats Subway sandwiches that early in the morning. I tried calling the headquarters but keep getting kicked into voicemail in which no one has yet returned my call. It’s easy to lose weight with Subway sandwiches because they poison you with sandwiches that are bacteria laden which cause you to lose weight in a sick manner. Nancy San Francisco

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