The ONLY thing good: The price. Now on to the BAD: the service is so poor, the quality is even worse, and the owner needs to get a personality overhaul as he is nasty, he doesn’t care at all about customer satisfaction, and he obviously doesn’t care about making long term customers. I’ve purchased over $200,000 dollars of furniture for my home over the last decade from many different sources including North Carolina, Macy’s, Ethan Allen, local antique shops, etc. I never encountered any other store representative that was as abrasive as the Suffern Furniture owner and his staff (including the delivery department). In the end, I decided it was worth losing most of my deposit (probably all of it because they still haven’t credited my credit card), then to pay any more for the junk that they tried to deliver. I will never step foot in Suffern Furniture again. I only wish I would have read the other reviews before I placed my initial order.

Suffern, New York United States of America

Furniture & Furnishings