This little Breezy started seeing my Husband of five years right around Halloween of 13. My husband and I have had our problems but I never suspected this. It all started when I noticed my husband added this girl named Summer on Facebook. I asked him who she was and his response was she is just a mutual friend of someone. I didn’t think much of it because she is hideous and that isn’t an over statement. Just look at her.Come November my husband and I start to have more and more issues. I tell him he needs to go stay somewhere while we work through our problems because the fighting was getting so bad. Where does he end up going, Summer’s house! so instantly I ask her wtf is going on. I get from both of them that they are just friends and I’m making stuff up in my head. They made me feel like I was nuts. This goes on through Thanksgiving. He comes back home and then leaves to go stay at her place again . One morning he shows up drunk as skunk and I hacked into his phone because he had a lock on it. Long story, I saw everything I needed to see, it had been going on for two months. I think reading what they said to each other was horrible. The feeling is indescribable. I asked numerous times to that slut and she lied to me face. She knew about me and keep it going. My husband wasn’t any better but good god, I gave them every chance to tell me. I know this sounds vain but the fact that this “girl” is so ugly kills me. Was I so terrible that he went for anything!?!? || We are now working on things but it’s an everyday struggle. I cry all the time, lash out for nothing at all. It’s definitely going to be an uphill battle and I do hope she gets what she deserves!