They send brochures of the David Wall-E resort they talk about the David Wally resort and tell you you”re going to enjoy your stay and all the amenities they take your money and tell you they will send you your reservation number along with the pamphlet of the David Valley resort and everything you”re going to be enjoying . And when you call to make a reservation they tell you oh it”s for hotels around the area not actually have a David Wally resort some of the places are 10 minute drive!!! And when you call to request a refund that you will not be going because that is not what you signed up for or was told that you would be getting your told is your problem ! Return phone calls from supervisors they say they”ve given messages to . So if they want to keep my money I will show up at one of those darn hotel then I”ll make sure everybody knows about the big scam that”s being ran and the terrible customer service- as I sit in on their wonderful attempted timeshare sell I will also stand up and give my own story of my experience at the same time- and gladly reclaim atleast $100 of my money back!

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