Door to door sales person came round to the house stating “EVERYONE in the your townhouse complex has to use Summit Energy which is a new name for Terasen Gas and we are just coming round door to door to ensure you are aware when you see your new provider on your bill” “Can you just sign this form to confirm that we have visited your home today and that you are aware of the change to SUMITT ENERGY as you may be cut off otherwise”Nothing changed until we went to move house a few months later and we were told that Terasen Gas to cancel supply at which point they stated they had nothing to do with it as this was now through Summit Energy. When calling Summit Energy we where told that we where now in a 3 year agreement and that if we wanted to move had to have Summit Energy come with us or pay out a cancelation fee of over $800. After a lot discussion we where told that they would cancel the agreement due to the poor presentation of the product and that we were m

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